Welcome to Behavior & Learning Solutions  

  Using ABA therapy and Precision Teaching to deliver behavior based intervention for indivisuals with autism. 

Communication, Picture Exchange

Play Leisure, Free Throws 

Receptive Identification by Class

Small Group Instruction

Gross-Motor, Step Overs

Pretend Play

Behavior Therapy

We offer on-going behavior therapy, where clients work one on one with an ABA therapist or participate in small-group games or activities.  Therapy is specific and personalized and based on the application of the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and the methodology of Precision Teaching. 

Behavioral goals, or target skills, are determined through detailed assessment. Although not a comprehensive list, behavioral goals may include: 

  •  using sign language to request, label (tact), and across other verbal operants
  •  using picture exchange for communication (same as above)
  •  using textual communication, iPad, GoTalk, or some other type of augmentative communication system (same as above)
  •  using vocal communication (same as above)
  •  requesting information and asking questions
  •  improving articulation of spoken language
  •  self-help skills such as toilet training, brushing teeth, or dressing
  •  expanding toy-play skills
  •  establishing or increasing leisure skills
  •  improving group-play skills
  •  establishing or increasing eye contact and joint-attention skills
  •  compliance with basic directions
  •  following multi-step, or complex directions
  •  establishing ability to persevere and remain calm
  •  tolerating new and varied situations, stimuli, and minimizing inflexibility and rigidity, including insistence on sameness, etc.
  •  increasing ability to participate in academics and targeting core deficits that create barriers to instruction

Fun For All 

Finally, we hold gym-based social groups three times a week which are appropriate for all levels of "learners".  We call this play-based behavioral program "Fun for All" because we allow early through advanced learners to participate and tailor the program to their needs, allowing them to have fun and learn to participate no matter what their skill deficits may be.

Clients are paired with therapists, who lead group games.  Clients are taught to transition between free-flowing unstructured and unscripted interactive play to structured, rule-based games and activities.  The emphasis of Fun For All is on developing social interaction as well as incorporating skills like waiting, requesting, joint attention, intention reading, and more into social activities. For more information, please visit our "Fun for All" Program page.

Consultation and Training Services 

We can provide consultation and training services in virtually any setting.  While we will consider providing training in any setting, we typically enroll clients in our intensive ABA program at our clinic for a set number of days and provide training to parents, caregivers, professionals, teachers, and more, at our clinic, at our clients' homes, at school placements or other transition settings, or in the community.

New clients participate in an intake assessment which often consists of a records review (review of reports and assessments from other professionals), an interview of parents and possibly the client, and direct assessment of the client.  An intake assessment most often takes place in our clinic, with an emphasis on assessing an individual's current skills and developmental level, including, but not limited to the following: vocal language (or use of augmentative system; non-verbal communication skills; toy-play skills; pretend-play skills; perseverance; regulation; flexibility; compliance; attending or focus; resilience; learning readiness; fine-motor skills; gross-motor skills; auditory attending; auditory discrimination; visual attending; visual discrimination; behavioral fluency.

In addition, we will pinpoint behavioral deficits by determining which necessary skills, or behaviors, are absent, infrequent, or "disfluent".  Finally, we will conduct Functional Assessments for any problem behavior(s).  We can schedule an additional Functional Analysis if the function of some problem behaviors prove difficult.

Once a client is enrolled in our program, we provide on-site training to parents, outside therapists, caregivers, teachers, and related staff on how to implement behavioral procedures in other settings.

Why are we different?

We are different than many other facilities because we design our clients' programs to fit each client's specific needs.  In addition, we seek out training in scientifically-based interventions based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and the methodology of Precision Teaching.  We offer programming that can benefit the most challenging early learners who lack joint attention skills and imitation skills to the much more advanced learners who suffer from behaviors that present as "anxiety" and "self-regulation" problems.  Our breadth of knowledge with all levels of learners allows us to create a program that will help a wide variety of learners from toddlers through young adults.

For any further questions or to be placed in our program just give us a call! We accept most insurances.*